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We actively work with more than 30 insurance companies that write contractors general liability insurance!

However, each insurance company has different underwriting criteria and policy forms and while the term “one size fits all” may work with hats, it certainly does not work with contractor insurance policies.


You will notice we ask very specific questions about your operations and the reason for this is necessary as many contractor general liability insurance policies are limited to the scope of operations described.


A safe rule to follow is if the operations are not shown on the applications, it is NOT COVERED.


With that said, there may be operations that increase the rates so substantially (roofing as one example) that it is simply not cost effective to include those operations in your business services.


A good tip with roofing, new tract homes and new multi-unit construction is make it, at the very least, the majority of what you perform or get out completely as those operations are typically not desired by most "A" rated insurance companies with very competitive rates.

Today’s contractor insurance policies and markets vary considerably and “ballpark rate quotes” without all the operations fully identified are usually worthless or from insurers with little or no financial track record.